Mauviel M'6s Induction Compatible Copper 12-Piece Cookware Set

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Fully compatible with induction, the M'6S collection is Mauviel's newest cookware range suitable for all types of stoves. M'6S range is a 6-Ply cookware with 2.6 mm thickness. The outer layer (inner side of the vessel) is made of 18/10 stainless steel which is successively superimposed with 3 layers of aluminum providing excellent conductivity. The 5th layer is in 18/10 stainless steel then the 6th in copper, in order to provide perfect conductivity. Handles are made of cast stainless steel, fixed by a system of strong section stainless steel rivets. The M'6S range will bring you the comfort and quality of stainless steel combined with the rapid and precise even heat distribution throughout the pan that only copper can bring out.

Copper responds so diligently to heat and no wonder is the preferred choice of chefs and premier restaurants. Copper cooks faster than other pans but also has the ability to responds to heat variances rather quickly and once is off the heat it will stop cooking. 


  • Set composed by:
    - Fry Pan, 12-in
    - Fry Pan non-stick, 10-in
    - Sauce Pan with Lid, 1.8 qt
    - Sauce Pan with Lid, 2.7 qt
    - Sauce Pan with Lid, 3.2 qt
    - Sauté Pan with Lid, 3 qt
    - Splayed Sauté Pan, 2 qt
    - Cocotte with Lid, 6 qt

  • Unique 6-Ply copper cookware made to be used in induction hobs that works equally well on gas and electric stoves
  • A multi ply construction of 2,6mm thickness composed by three core aluminium layers surrounded by 2 layers of magnetic stainless steel, with an outer polish of copper for even heat-responsiveness
  • Non drip edge for easy pouring
  • Cast stainless steel handles fixed by sturdy stainless steel rivets 
  • Non-reactive: 18/10 stainless steel interior preserves the taste and nutritional qualities of foods and is easy to clean. No re-tinning required.
  • Mauviel M’6s pans have an outer polish of pure copper that’s soft by nature, and thus prone to scratches and should be handled carefully. Mauviel M6s pans are finished by hand. The pans (including handles) often have minor abrasions, small black marks or scuffs as a result. These are considered normal and do not have any impact on performance and durability.
  • Dimensions: 7.1-in diameter, 3.9-in height
  • Hand wash. 
  • Made in France


  • Hand wash